Aqua Sphere Women’s Lita Swimsuit : Women’s Lita Swimsuit

Practical costume, but dislike the slant, as opposed to ‘boy-shorts’ leg cut. As a size 10, 5 ft 5 inches, the 36 was a pretty good fit, except for being a bit roomier across the stomach than i needed. It might possibly stretch to a size 12, or someone betwixt and between 10/12where stars got lost for me is a kind of personal preference, which i couldn’t really glean from the photos – i think, unless you are in teens and twenties, the regrettable tendency for things to begin to move south, makes a slant leg/buttock cut pretty unattractive as the wearer, having finished their swim, climbs out. It kind of isn’t a good look, and everyone knows it, as you watch numbers of women pulling down the bottoms to try and cover the 4 buttock cheek lookthis is certainly a practical swimming, as opposed to flaunting curves, swimming costume, which is what i want it for, but i hate that southern 4 buttocks look, even though it is only slightly slant cut rather than ‘high leg’. I also don’t quite like the slitheriness of the material – like speedos, slither is a little harder to get off, than the less shiny material. Something which might not particularly matter – except to wild water swimmers in cold weather where having done the bracing bit you really want to be able to swiftly take off the cold and clammy and get covered by hopefully warm and dry stuff. It is replacing my much, much, loved, can’t really find a replacement, more 30s style, beautifully straight across the top of the thighs, – ‘boyshorts’ rather than buttock wrapping costume, which is beginning to wear a little thin, due to regular use. I never once had to do the tug down.

Nice looking swimsuit but i do not like the inside which is meant to be bodyshaping. It makes the swimsuit restrictive and tight.

Flattering styling, made for swimming and/or water sports. A sports-style swimsuit that is made for actual swimming rather than lounging glamorously. It’s flattering in its cut and shaping, and has a racer back with a large keyhole cut-out to the lower back. The racer-back straps means that it takes a bit of wriggling to get this on but it also means there no fastening to come undone. The gold flash adds a nice touch of luxury. I’m a size uk 10 and the 36 fits well, would probably stretch to a uk 12 as well. Here are the specifications for the Aqua Sphere Women’s Lita Swimsuit:

  • Shelf bra bust control for shaping and support
  • Universally flattering suit with slimming lines
  • Round back for freedom of movement
  • Medium leg provides the perfect amount of coverage

Excellent purchase thank you. Bought as present but fits well.

Gorgeous, flattering swimsuit. This is a really beautiful swimming costume – black with a flash of gold. It’s a very flattering cut and the design adds to this, with the gold flash coming inwards at the waist. There is also some fine shaping at the bust – not overdone, just enough to support and provide shape. Lovely for the beach and the pool.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Good value, but fading colours
  • Very small fitting
  • A good looking high-performing swimming costume.

My wife is a slimish size 12 and 5ft 5 and a half, and found that this size 36 was a tiny bit snug, hopefully the material may give a little, and there is always the pre summer diet to shed a pound or two. The swimming costume is a nice design, great for swimming in, and the gold flashes work well, and other colour combinations are available. The price is reasonable, and if you are not too fussy about colour, some of the options are as low as £9.

This is such a simple design, but surprisingly flattering and looks really good on, i’m not a particular fan of the colour black, but this swimming cosrume won me over. The european sizing is confusing, so worth googling to check you get the right one before you buy. 40 is equivalent to a uk 12 and 38 to a 10.