aQuarilla Women’s Swimsuit Guyana : Love this swimsuit

Although does glow when go into steam. Although does glow when go into steam room, which didnt realise it would.

This came on time and well packagedthis swimming costume is absolutely stunningit’s a lot better when you see it than it looksin the picturewhen i opened it i was over the moonand when i put it on i was very impressedthe back goes down into a deep v shapethe fit is great and it’s really comfortableon it fits nicely around the legs with no cuttingin or being loose lookingiv had a few different costumes over thelast two or three years due to weight lossbut this one i must say is the best oneiv had i’m that impressed with it ivput it away for my holidayanyone looking for a comfortable costumewould like these ones.

Arrived within the time scale expected,the fit was perfect i’m a large girl and the costume did not feel at all restricting. The small criticism i have is that the back seam above the ‘bottom’is a little to proud and hence rubs a little?. Here are the specifications for the aQuarilla Women’s Swimsuit Guyana:

  • One-piece Swimwear;
  • Soft cups with removable stiffening pads;┬áDeep cut back; Print in trendy houndstooth pattern;
  • 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane
  • High quality, Italian materials. Strong resistance to substances harmful to fabrics (Chlorine, sea salt, UVA (UPF 50+), suntan lotion);
  • Inner lining on the front; Exceptionally pleasant feel. Breathable fabric; Full back coverage;
  • Made in EU;

Looks good on, comfortable, bought two happy with both.

Very good, high quality, really recommend, i liked.

Reviews from purchasers :

  • Women’s swimsuit
  • Love this swimsuit
  • Happy shopper. Although does glow when go into steam

Really pleased with this lovely fit very good quality and just love the colour didn’t like the stiff inserts but not a problem just leave them out.

This one piece swimsuit provided a great fit. It was nice and comfortable an provided good support within by the use of the soft cups and lining. If you wish to you can remove the cups. The material is soft, but stretchy and does not cut at the leg area. The added bow makes it look more attractive. This washes well and keeps it shape.